Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Will Take Care of My Dogs When I'm Gone?

When I get home from work the first greetings I get are from my pet dogs, Rocky and Sofia. They give me more attention than my parents, siblings and boyfriend combined. Every time I walk through the door, I’m greeted by their cute little furry faces staring up at me, barking and jumping, until I give them the love and attention they want. My pets, and the pets of many people, are more than just pets, there part of the family. There not just the personal property the law defines them as. They love us and we love and take care of them, just as we do our children.

Well what happens if the only children you have are four-legged, furry, little creatures? It seems that the growing trend has been for pet owners to leave guardians and trust funds to their pets before they pass on. Until recently I never thought of what would happen to Rocky and Sofia if something were to ever happen to me. Who would take care of them? Who would provide them with everything I provided them with? Well, the answer is clear now: Me! It seems as if the law has recognized that family and friends will not be the only ones affected when we die. With the help of a New York estate attorney, a pet owner can make sure that their pet will be taken care of when they are no longer here.

Contact The Law Offices of Albert Gurevich at (212) 233-1233 to start planning for the future of your loves ones... Even Fido!

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